Yesterday I was talking to a friend who I know desperately wants to quit his job.

He’s been saying this for over a year now.

He isn’t happy sitting in his office everyday doing the same boring shit and he’s even less happy that he isn’t following his dream of becoming a personal trainer, plus his boss is a knobhead.

So just like I said last week, last month, the month before that and just about every month for the last year I told him he should just fucking quit.

Walk in the door hand his notice in, give his boss the middle finger, throw paper everywhere on his way out and take the first step in making his dream happen ‘cos he’s never going to be a personal trainer if he stays working in the office for the rest of his life.

But you know . . . he’s one of those people who always says “oh when such and such happens THEN I’ll quit”.

There’s always a reason why it can’t happen just yet.

Maybe he’s scared.

Maybe he’s stressed about money.

Maybe he’s worried he’ll fail.

The thing is, the situation will never be perfect but one thing’s for certain nothing will happen if he stays exactly where he is – he won’t even move an inch closer to his dream if he does that.

Like I always say… nothing happens until something moves and he’s hit pause on this for far too long. He needs to just get it done.

Loads of people do this when it comes to getting in shape as well.

There’s always a ‘When/Then’ excuse…

“When I have more time THEN I’ll get in shape”“When I start that diet THEN I’ll get in shape”

“When the kids are back at school THEN I’ll get in shape”

Let me tell you something, there’ll always, always, ALWAYS be a reason why you can’t.

There’ll be times when you can’t afford a personal trainer or even a gym membership.

There’ll be times when you’re busy than normal.

There’ll be times when there’s an unusually large number of social events going on that might fuck up your nutrition.

But they’re all things that can be dealt with and overcome.

They’re all things that DO NOT have to stop you from getting in the best shape of your life, yeah they’ll make it a bit harder but “no one ever said it was going to be easy”.

That’s a quote from the guy who owned the first gym I ever went to.

He’s in jail for selling drugs now but still, he was right.