About 3 years ago a local college asked me to spend a few hours a week teaching training program design to their personal training students.
I said yes.
Largely because most personal training qualifications are absolutely shite so I thought I’d go and teach them what they really needed to know.
I split every lesson in to two parts…
Part A – the stuff you need to know to pass the exam (about 30 minutes)
Part B – the stuff you need to know to get results with clients in the real world (about 90 minutes)
The students loved it but after about 8 weeks the college still hadn’t paid me and I don’t like working for free, so I went on a mission to get the £1200 they owed me.
I was hit with every excuse and told “it’ll be sorted soon”.
Another few weeks went by and my bill was still stacking up so I thought fuck this I’m not working for nothing and just hoping that one day I get paid, plus I have the gym to run.
But I felt bad.
The students were coming to the end of their year – they had assessments coming up and I wasn’t sure I could leave them hanging like that plus I’d be leaving the other staff picking up the slack if I packed it in.
So – I thought I’ll finish the term, chase my pay cheque then do one when they break up for summer, that felt like the right thing to do.

Anyway I went in to teach my next lesson and the head of department pulled me aside;

“Mike, we’re over budget – we don’t have any more hours for you”
I just laughed.
There was me trying to be the good guy and not let other people down and those fuckers did it to me instead.
“Can you still teach this lesson though?”
Can I fuck.
I walked straight to the finance department and didn’t leave ‘til they gave me my money.
There’s a lesson there for you.
Do what suits YOU best.
Trying to please other people isn’t always the best route, I’ve done it before with my gym.

There’ve been members who’ve said we should do this thing or that thing and even though I wasn’t sure about it I’ve gone ahead and done it anyway to keep them as a member but they ended up leaving anyway.

So now we don’t do anything to please anyone unless the whole team agrees that it’s in the gym’s best interests too.
The same goes for your training.
You have to do what’s in your best interests.
Decide what you’re training for and do it for YOU.
Not anyone else.
If you want to get strong and massive – get strong and massive and if someone tells you you’re too bulky tell them to fuck off.
If you want to look like a bikini model, do it and if your fat mate tells you you’re too skinny don’t take it to heart and change your goals to suit what she thinks.
Just tell her to mind her own fucking business (then direct her to our website so she can get herself sorted out too).
Always remember why you started your journey and keep working hard until you get the results you’re after.
Don’t let what other people say affect how you train or what your goals are.
Do what suits you.
Do what makes you happy.