I wasn’t sure whether or not I should tell you this but I’m going to assume that you’re not a thieving bellend.

There’s this thing called a chargeback where your bank can get your money back for you, good if you’ve been a victim of credit card fraud but very shady if you use it to get a refund for something that you’ve actually bought and been using like a gym membership or personal training.

So a big thanks to Dave (not his real name) for charging back over £500 from our bank account for no apparent reason, I actually have no idea why he did this ‘cos he blocked me on Facebook and didn’t respond to my emails.

This happens more often than you’d imagine.

It’s fucking robbery.

Dave stole from us.

For months he used our gym, benefitted from our coaching, even wrote us a 5 star review then he got his bank to refund all of his money.

I thought Dave was sound but clearly I was wrong.

Fuck you Dave.

PS. The next person who does this is getting publicly named and shamed.