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We're Not A Normal Gym

If you’re looking for a gym with tonnes of machines, a steam room, hydrotherapy pool and rows of treadmills then we’re not for you.

But if you’re looking to make serious progress, receive hands-on coaching, personalised nutrition advice and train in an enjoyable, motivating environment with the support of some of the best coaches in Liverpool then you'll love it here.

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We're A Team

We don’t just train together, get exceptional results and leave it at that. We’re friends that support each other, celebrate our wins, console our losses and socialise as a team.

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Our Nutrition Is Flexible

We don’t endorse the ‘chicken & broccoli’ lifestyle. We’ll show you how you get serious results without having to be insanely strict with your nutrition. 

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We Don't Do Cardio

Long, slow, boring cardio is not our style. No one ever got the body of their dreams by repeatedly doing an hour on the cross-trainer. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard – we just don’t do incline treadmill walking ’til you die of boredom.

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Everything Is Customised To You

Everyone is different and everyone has different needs which is why we coach you through structured training programs that are tailored specifically to you.

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We Get Strong

Strength is kind of like the key that unlocks your ability to achieve any goal. If you’re strong losing fat, gaining muscle and improving performance are all made easier. So everyone at Steel gets strong.

We Have A No D*ckhead Policy

If you act like an idiot, think you’re are better than anyone or make any other member feel even slightly uncomfortable then your membership gets cancelled immediately. This means our gyms are always friendly, enjoyable places to train.


We Guarantee Results

We have complete confidence in our systems so we always offer what we call our Action Takers Guarantee – if you take action, follow our advice, stick to the system and don’t get results then we’ll give you your money back.