The Steel Habitat Academy is a 10-week program that blends education with practical coaching experience, giving you the real-world tools required to succeed as coach in the fitness industry.

This is not your typical PT course. We’ll teach you how to create impactful relationships with clients whilst at the same time providing exceptional results and an unmatched experience.





Essential Education
Improve your knowledge of training and nutrition, develop real-world coaching skills, learn how to communicate better and build relationships with your clients.

Hands-On Coaching Experience
Apply what you’ve learnt in live coaching situations right here at Steel Habitat, this practical application is combined with in-depth feedback from your coaching mentor.




The academy program is 10-weeks and 4 modules long.

You’ll be required to attend Steel Habitat one to two days per week for a total of 6 hours - split into half education, half practical coaching.

Note: The education session is on Wednesdays at 2pm, the practical coaching portion takes place for 3 hours on a morning or evening that suits your personal schedule.

There are also some weekly tasks to complete in your own time.




Below is a basic overview of each modules and some topics that are covered in each.

Module 1 / Coaching and Communication

- Conscious coaching
- Adapting your coaching style to suit the needs of your client
- Coaching the core lifts
- Coaching cues
- Progressions and regressions
- Effective communication skills
- Building relationships
- Group coaching versus one-on-one

Module 2 / Programming

- The effective needs analysis
- Prioritising goals
- Strength and muscle building fundamentals
- Conditioning
- Periodisation for the general population
- Programming considerations
- Injury prevention
- Programming for advanced clients

Module 3 / Nutrition

- The fundamentals of nutrition
- Macronutrient roles
- Calculating goal specific calorie and macronutrient needs
- Measuring progress and making adjustments
- Effective nutrition coaching
- Goal setting and managing expectations

Module 4 / Marketing and Sales

- Introduction to sales and marketing
- Delivering a successful consultation
- Generating clients
- Sales without selling




November 2019 - SPACES AVAILABLE





Right now, the Academy is completely free for the full 10 weeks.




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Steel Habitat Owner, Sports Science BSc, Ex-Professional Rugby Player, Strength & Conditioning Coach.

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Head of Coach Development, Sports Science MSc, NSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach.


Plus you’ll have access to and be learning from the rest of the Steel Habitat Team




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Where is the Academy we held?
We hold Academy sessions at gym on Upper Parliament Street in Liverpool city centre.

Is this course accredited?
No - this course is not accredited or associated with any governing body, that was a conscious decision on our part.

Who is the Academy for?
This program is for aspiring coaches who want to learn real world skills that will allow them to succeed in this industry.

Will I get a job at the Steel?
Completing this program gives absolutely no guarantee of a paid coaching position at Steel Habitat. We’ve taken over 45 students through this process and just 4 have ended up working for us.

Why is it free?
We’ve created a course that we’d have loved the opportunity to do at the start of our coaching careers - and right now we have the resources to deliver this for free. Plus we’re passionate about upping the standard of the industry, so this is our small contribution to that.