Cardio or Weights For Fat Loss

One of the first things people tend to do when it comes to losing body fat is crank up the amount of cardio they do.

Suddenly they’re spending hours on the cross trainer or jogging everywhere which is all well and good but here’s the thing…

Yes, cardio can help you burn extra calories, but in your pursuit of fat loss there are two things that are WAY more important.

Number one (which should be no surprise) is tracking your calorie intake and making sure you’re in a calorie deficit.

Number two is to make sure you’re doing regular strength training sessions and by strength training I just mean lifting weights. This is important because it’s helps preserve our muscle mass.

Now your first thought might be that you’re not arsed about preserving muscle mass – you just want to lose weight but preserving muscle mass whilst losing body fat is important because otherwise we risk just looking like a smaller version of ourselves.

Imagine taking your ‘before’ pic and instead of stripping away some fat to reveal and leaner, firmer, more impressive physique you just re-sized the picture down so you looked kind of the same, just a bit smaller and lighter than you were before.

Not ideal.

So, it’s in our best interested to preserve as much muscle mass as possible when aiming to get leaner and the best way to make sure your muscles stick around is to keep using and challenging them (lifting weights is obviously better than incline treadmill walking for this).

I’m not saying never do cardio (it can be a simple ways to increase your energy output).

Just make sure you prioritise those two things first…

1. Being in calorie deficit so that your body burns fat as fuel

2. Perform regular strength training sessions to help preserve muscle mass

And if you’re dead set on adding cardio into your training then make sure it’s just that – an addition. Don’t go replacing strength training sessions with cardio in the hope of more fat loss ‘cos there’s a good chance you’ll end up sacrificing muscle in the process.

Preserve your gains.

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Mike Waywell