6 Tips For Getting In Shape Whilst You're Busy

1. Get up early

If you’re reading this now and thinking “I just don’t have time to get in shape” yet you didn’t roll out of bed until gone 7 o’clock this morning, then guess what?

You could’ve got up two hours earlier and been in the gym for 6am like a bunch of people where at Steel Habitat this morning.

Sure it’s not ideal but if you actually want what you say that you want then you’d be willing to put in the work.

2. Stand up instead of sitting down

If you stand at your desk for a year (6 hours a day) instead of sitting hunched over it’s been suggested that it's possible to burn an extra 100,000 calories - from standing up.

Not doing spin class until you puke.

Just standing on your own two legs.

If you’re struggling to ‘lose weight’ and you have the opportunity to make that change but you don’t even consider it then you have to question how much you really want to lose fat.

3. Be more active

Get a pedometer on your phone and track how much you actually move. Just the simple act of tracking this will make you aware of how active you are - or aren’t.

Aim for 10,000 steps a day and if you’re not hitting that guess what you need to do?

Make a conscious effort to move around more.

4. Train at home

If you're really pressed for time do a 20-30 minute kettlebell or body weight session in your house every day before you leave for work. Not the perfect solution but better than doing f*** all every day and whinging about not making progress

5. Do the biggest bang-for-your-buck lifts

Don’t waste time by doing 10 different type of bicep curl. If you can only train let’s say twice a week for 40 minutes then stuff like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, pull ups, bench press and rows are going to be better choices than bicep curls and leg extensions.

6. Get your shopping delivered and prepare your meals in advance

The amount of time people waste by “nipping to the shop” every day to pick up lunch or dinner after work is insane. It costs you more money in the end too.

Just stop doing it.

Get your shopping delivered to your house (saves time) and prepare some meals in bulk for the week - makes sure you’re eating the right stuff.


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Mike Waywell