How To Have A Night Out Without Ruining Your Progress

Here’s an easy way to enjoy a night out without it affecting your progress.

Let’s say to be in a calorie deficit you need to eat 2000 calories a day – that’s 14,000 calories a week.

So if you have a night out coming up where you know you’re going to over indulge you can simply eat 500 calories less the day before.

That means on your party day you have 2500 calories to play with instead of just 2000.

That’s called calorie borrowing.

Five days where you eat 2000 calories, a day of 1500 calories and a day of 2500 calories still equals 14,000 calories over the course of the week.

You could even have two lower calorie days to give you 3000 calories to play with on the party day.

Whatever way you do it you’ve still hit your weekly deficit but you’ve also managed to have a night out without a) worrying too much about what you eat/drink and b) without ruining your progress.

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Mike Waywell