I just read an article about a campaign group who are demanding a ban on ALL 'Freak Shakes'.

That's what they call those milkshakes that have loads sweets and chocolate stacked on them.

The Toby Carvery does one called the Unicorn Freak Shake which has 1,280 calories and 39 spoonfuls of sugar in a single drink - which is mad like, I'm not gonna lie.

So the campaigners are pointing the finger at these shakes and saying stuff like...

"These very high calorie drinks, if consumed on a daily basis, would result in children becoming obese and suffering from tooth decay - that is not acceptable"

But here's the thing, if your child becomes obese and loses their teeth because you gave them a Unicorn Freak Shake every day then you're the problem, not the shake.

You can't blame a shake for obesity.

I mean, I agree that they're not ideal, but absolutely no one is forcing you to drink these things.

What ever happened to personal responsibility?

We can't just keep banning stuff and taking away freedom of choice as a solution for poor nutrition - Jamie Oliver has already ruined Coco Pops for everyone.

Here's what should happen instead...

Restauraunts, cafes etc. should have to list the calories and macros for each item they sell (and make them easy to find).

I think that'd be great first step.

That way people can make informed choices about what foods (and how many calories) they consume.

Then we should go H.A.M. on upping the level of education so the general population has a better idea of what good choices actually are.

We can't just go on banning stuff 'til we're left with nothing but chicken and broccoli.

And look, we're passionate about this here at Steel - we want to GIVE people control over their life, not CONTROL them, like we're working really hard to have an impact on this.

We do it through the coaching programs at our gyms and we've also linked up with LJMU to complete a very involved, in depth, TWO TEAR long study into the effect of training and nutrition education on obesity and diabetes.

That's the kind of stuff that's going to help, not just banning a frigging Unicorn Shake.

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Mike Waywell