This Is More Important Than Willpower

I’ve been thinking about what really separates people who get results from those who don’t.

So, I asked around to see what people thought it was and the most common answers I got back were: motivation and will-power, which makes sense - they definitely do play a part.

But I reckon it’s something even more simple than that because yeah, motivation will get you out of bed and to the gym at 6am sometimes but no one truly wakes up pumped and ready to get after it every single day.

Then as for will-power well, it’s a finite resource.

We can only flex our ‘will-power muscle’ so hard each day before it gets tired and needs a rest.

Sure you can “train” your will-power to be better and last longer but relying solely on it to get you where you want to go isn't a solid plan.

The thing that really makes the difference, that truly separates the people who get results from those who don’t is habits.

The people who reach their goals, who are successful, who achieve what they were striving are the people who built and instilled habits that led them to their goal.

You’ll struggle to find someone who lost 5 stone who didn’t develop new habits that resulted in them burning more energy and/or consuming less calories.

And, lottery winners / inheritors aside, you won’t find many (if any) millionaires who don’t have a structured working day and a well time-managed routine that ensures they work efficiently.

They’re certainly not rolling out of bed 10 mins before work every day and rushing around the house looking for a shirt, then only deciding what work they need to do when they eventually get to their desk after a 20-minute chat with Sandra from accounting on the way through the door.

You're the sum of your daily habits.

Do the right things consistently enough over a long enough period of time and you will get results, it’s almost impossible not to - so make that your focus.

What habits can I start to put in place that will lead me to where I want to go?

And yeah, you’ll probably need to use a varying combination of motivation, will-power and discipline to help get those firmly fixed into your lifestyle but after a short while - often 30-90 days - those habits become something that you just do and no longer require will power or motivation to do them.

Then you're onto a winner.

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Mike Waywell