Is This Helping Me or Hurting Me?

Every day on my drive to the gym I go past this one particular shop and for the few minutes leading up to it my will power is tested just a little bit 'cos they sell these Oatein Cookies which are basically like heaven in a wrapper.

Forget the fact they’re a “protein” cookie, they more than hold their own in the normal cookie world, but the downside is… 

They’re over 300 calories and they’re not a lot of food.

So while I’m in a calorie deficit and trying to lose fat I probably don’t need to waste 300 odd calories on a tiny cookie every day - doesn’t mean I’m not tempted though.

It’s like a little internal battle...

“I want a cookie”

“No, you don’t need it . . . save some calories for later in the day”

“But they’re so nice”

“No, don’t do it”

You probably know that feeling, that inner conflict. It’s a big reason why people mess up when it comes to getting in shape.

In the moment, they succumb to the cookie far too often. 

They go with ordering the calorific desert instead of just getting a coffee.

They supersize their meal when medium would’ve been just fine.

Or they choose the peri chips and garlic bread as sides at Nandos instead of going for the mixed leaf salad or corn on the cob .

They’re all decisions that they made.

One of the most powerful things you can do when it comes to getting in shape is practicing making better decisions in the moment and an easy way to do this is to ask yourself...

Is this going to help me or is this going to hurt me?

If it’s going to hurt you (slow down your progress, take you over your calorie target for the day etc.) then don’t do it.

I could take that quick stop off every day and grab one of those cookies but as much as I’d love to eat one of those every day it’d end up make fat loss harder than it needs to be - it’d be hurting me.

So I choose to not do that, plus once I’ve driven past the shop the moment has gone and I’m not spending the day dreaming of the cookie.

The same goes when you’re at a restaurant, once you’ve ordered the decision is made, you can’t change it so make a good decision in that moment. 

Don’t give in a go for something that you know will take you will over your calorie target when you know there are other options available.

Admittedly it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do and it does take practice but if you really want the results that you say you want then you’ll be prepared to work at it - and that’s the truth right there.

The excuse-makers will give in, moan and blame someone else...

“I’m gaining fat ‘cos they always say I can get a large meal for an extra quid”

The non-excuse makers won’t do that, they’ll realise that the decision is there’s to make, they’ll realise that THEY are in control, they’ll practice making better decisions and they’ll be rewarded with great results.

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Mike Waywell