The Power of Tracking Your Numbers

In business - when it comes to measuring your progress - it's really important to know your numbers inside out, stuff like…

How much do we have to spend on marketing to get one new enquiry? (cost per lead)

What percentages of enquiries actually sign up to a trial? (conversion rate)

How many and what percentage of members cancelled their membership? (retention rate)

What was our average feedback score from current members this month? (customer experience rating)

Tracking those and literally about 50 other important numbers allow us to do a few things...

1. Not go bankrupt at the end of every month.

2. Plan ahead and set challenging but worthwhile goals

3. See if what we're doing in each area is actually working (and helping us hit our targets).

Then in areas were we've hit a plateau or scored poorly we can make changes and improvements.

Let's say our goal is a to have an average monthly customer experience rating score of 9 but two months in a row, it's a 7 - well because we've tracked it we can a) see that we're off track and b) do something about it.

"You can't manage what you don't measure"

Getting is shape is the same.

Tracking just a few important things gives you so much power to manage yourself and make sure you get results.

Like how can you possibly know if you're eating the right amount of food to lose body fat if you have no idea how much you're eating at all.

And when a month passes by and you haven't made any progress - again, how can you adjust your calorie intake when you don't even know what your current calorie intake is?

The more stuff you track, the more data you have and the easier it is to see where you need to make changes to help keep you moving forward.

Now you don't need to go over board with this, you've got work and life and shit to deal with too but I'd say at least track these three things…

1. Daily calorie intake (so you can adjust your intake to suit your goal).

2. Sets / reps / weight lifted and in your training sessions (so you can make sure you keep progressing in the gym).

3. Body measurements like circumferences, photos and body fat percentage (so you make sure that your training and nutrition is doing the trick).

So yeah, start there.

And if you have no idea how to do all of that, then we'll show you how on our 30 Day Trial

Mike Waywell