Responsibility and Ownership

"Yeah I went over my calories this weekend but it was because [INSERT INNOVATIVE JUSTIFICATION]"

”I didn't train again this week because my boss had us working late and I was too tired"

I mean, if absolving yourself of any responsibility or ownership makes you feel better then that's cool but understand this...

If you do this consistently, and you constantly have an excuse or a justification for everything then you're on a one way path to staying stuck pretty much where you are.

Going through life pointing your finger outwards won't help you get anywhere fast so I'd have you consider 2 things for a second.

1. Maybe it isn't always everyone's else fault, maybe sometimes - it's yours.

Was it that, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, a calorie deficit just doesn't work for you?

Or was it actually that you were over eating and not in a deficit at all?

2. Maybe taking responsibility for stuff would help you get the result you want.

Making it someone else's fault might make you feel better in the first instance but it's not helping you get where you want to go.

Just a thought.

Because you always have a couple of options.

You can blame every mis-step, obstacle or poor result on something or someone else, then fester in sorrow.

(Damn you, universe! ...always out to get me)

Or, you can accept that a) sometimes it's actually your fault and b) even when it's not your fault sometimes shit just happens and, importantly, whichever one it is you're the one who can do something about it - you.

Whinging in the corner and waggling your finger at the world doesn't do shit, not really.

One of the best things I ever learnt in business was that everything is always my fault in someway or another.

If someone messes up it's not necessarily 'cos they're an idiot, maybe it's because I didn't give them the tools and resources they needed to succeed.

If you take that approach then your first action is always to point the finger back yourself and look for things you could do better rather than just blaming straight away - that's taking control.

You should do the same with your fitness.

Yeah your boss had you working late and you were tired... but when you left work was the gym still open?

Or was it open early the next day?

And yeah it might have been your mates birthday party this weekend... but did they force feed you those two slices of chocolate cake?

...or did you feed them to yourself?

Worth thinking about.

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Mike Waywell