The Potato Diet

Apparently, to lose weight, some people are now eating nothing but potatoes…

The Potato Diet.

Sounds like a book that could sell and make loads of £££ . . . oh, wait.

Eat nothing but 2-5 pounds of potatoes a day and you'll lose weight, that seems to be the general advice.

Now are these magic, fat burning, hyper metabolic potatoes?

Or could it possibly be that 2 pounds of potatoes is only around 700 calories?

And eating just 700 calories a day will put pretty much any adult on the planet in a large calorie deficit, you know, eating less calories than you're burning each day - and as we know that's THE most important factor in fat loss.

Yeah those potatoes aren't magic.

Eat just 700 calories of anything and you'll lose weight (don't do that by the way)


a) who wants to eat just boiled potatoes all day?

b) how sustainable is that?

c) what are you gonna learn from doing it?

Now that last point is WAY more important than you might think because yeah you can just eat just potatoes for a bit but when the diet is over, then what?

Did you learn how to track you food intake?

Did you learn how to make smarter food choices?

Did you learn how to satisfy your hunger on a lower calorie 'diet'?

Did you learn how to integrate 'healthy' eating into your daily life?


You just force fed yourself potatoes.

And yeah, you might have lost some weight in the short term but that was pretty much it.

Now imagine if you could learn how to consistently lose body fat, get stronger and build some muscle without just eating a potato for every meal?

That's what we teach you how to do here at Steel.

We show you how to take a flexible approach to your daily nutrition so you don't have to restrict your 'diet' just to get results.

Plus in the process of doing this you LEARN and gain the skills you need to manage you nutrition for life so you never have to do some weird diet ever again.

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Mike Waywell