Are You Doing Enough To Reach Your Goals?

Today I want to do a little task with you…

If you do this properly it could be very revealing.

Step one:

Think back over the last 90 days or so and write down…

a) How often you’ve got in the gym, trained hard and put in the most effort you could muster on that particular day

b) How regularly you’ve eaten good quality food and hit your calorie and macro targets

Done it?

Alright . . . step two:

Write down your big goal – the thing you really want to achieve, the thing that will change and/or drastically improve your life when you achieve it.

Be specific.

Don’t just write “lose weight”.

Okay, once you’ve done that then do step three:

Take a look at what you wrote down for step one and ask yourself this…

Based on the amount of time and effort I have been putting into my training and nutrition do I even deserve to achieve the goal that I wrote down for step two?

If the answer is yes, then good on you . . . keep it up.

But if the answer is no then it’s time to take responsibility ‘cos the truth is this…

You get exactly what you deserve from your efforts and YOU are in charge of how much effort you put in.

That’s 100% your responsibility.

If you slack off, that’s on you.

If you always skip training, that’s on you.

If you never hit your calories targets, that’s on you.

It isn’t anybody else’s fault – it’s yours.

You don’t lose stone of fat, gain a stone of muscle mass or add 20kg to your squat PB by just “having a goal” and half arsing it.

It doesn’t work that way.

You achieve your goals by applying the basics day in, day out for months and years at a time.

It’s not rocket science.

You can do it.

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Mike Waywell