Am I Eating The Right Amount of Calories?

“If I weigh 90kg does eating 2500 calories sound right?”

Honestly, I don’t know.

It’s not just about your weight – it depends what your goals is, how often you train, how hard you train and how active you are.

If you drive to work, sit down all day then drive home and lie down on the couch until you go to bed then you really don’t need that many calories ‘cos you’re doing next to nothing.

But if you’re training hard all week, cycling to work, walking your dog, taking your kids to the park and doing an active job then you’re going to need a lot more calories ‘cos you’re going to be burning a lot of energy.

That might sound complicated, like how do you know what your calorie needs are?

But there’s a really simple way to find out if the amount of calories you’re eating is right for you.

Are you gaining or losing weight?

Most of the time you’re either trying to gain weight/build muscle or you’re trying to lose body fat, so the simple question is…

Is that happening?

If you’re aiming to lose fat by consistently eating 2500 calories a day but your body fat percentage is not changing then you probably need to eat a bit less

…or eat the same amount but increase your activity levels (walk more, cycle to work, train a bit harder/more often).

On the other hand if you’re eating 2500 calories a day to build muscle but after 4-6 weeks your weight hasn’t increased then you need to eat more.

I go on about this all the time it’s a common question with a fairly simple answer.

If you’re trying to lose fat but it’s not happening then you need to create a calorie deficit by eating a bit less – or preferably by being more active and if you’re trying to build muscle but it’s not happening you need to eat more food.

Do this…

Take some measurements – weight, body fat percentage, circumferences.

Eat the same amount of calories every day for a 4 weeks – track this in MyFitnessPal.

Take the measurements again.

If you’re making positive progress don’t change anything – eat the same amount.

If you’ve made no changes eat more or less depending on what you goal is.

That is it.

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Mike Waywell