The Social Media Secret

Want to know something?

Those fitness "influencers".

The ones posting 17 different ab shots every day and telling their motivational life story in the captions.

The influencers that use gym machines in any way they possibly can EXCEPT for the way they were intended to be used.

Upside down leg press on the smith machine (dangerous).

Bands attached to anything and everything (stupid).

Backwards “glute activation” on the abductor machine (voyeurism).

Most of it is rubbish.

99% of them did not get into the shape they’re in by doing those things, that I can pretty much guarantee.

I can do that because I know some of these people and guess what every single one of them actually did (without exception)?







Sure they might do all that mad stuff now to maintain their body (and mainly to get likes and followers) but training to stay the same is very, VERY different to training to go from out of shape to the best shape of your life.

So whilst you’re looking at them and I think “oh I’ll do what they do and I’ll look like that”.

You’re often mistaken.

You won’t.

A lot of these people are effectively scamming you.

They’re pulling the wool over your eyes.

They’re trying to sell you the dream.

They’re not really trying to help.

They’re trying to get attention.

They’re trying to make quick money.

And again, I know this because I’ve heard them say it, right from the horse’s mouth.

Like when the owner of one of the popular detox companies said to me...

“I know detoxes are bullshit but it makes money doesn’t it”


He stood right here in my gym and said that to my face.

It’s actually a joke.

Preying on people.

People who are looking for a real solution to their problems.

And they’re out there making up some stupid shit so they can earn some fast cash, gain followers, feel validated and get ‘sponsored’ by a supplement company.

Don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely not against people making money in the fitness industry.

I do it.

Steel Habitat does it.

All the SH team does it.

But have some morals.

Have some common sense

…and actually care for people.

You don’t have to sell your soul and lie to people to make a living in this industry.

Steel Habitat is a successful business and we do it by providing real solutions, solutions that meet people where they’re at.

And actually HELPING them get real, long-lasting results by us coaching, guiding and educating all of our members on the right way to do things.

The effective way to do things.

The sustainable way to do things.

We’re not out there trying to grab attention with endless topless selfies and booty-popping boomerangs so we can sling you a PDF training guide.

So the next time you feel yourself getting sucked in by some insta-famous-model’s “revolutionary” training or nutrition program remember this...

The basics work.

The have always worked.

They will always continue to work.

Lift weights a few times a week mainly squats and stuff - not 1000s of sideways overhead band assisted reverse curl lunging presses with a curtsy.

Eat decent quality food, track it using an app like MyFitnessPal and make sure you consistently hit your calorie targets.

Sleep as much as you can every night.

Be consistent.

And if you need help doing that find and coach and/or a community of people who will support you and hold you accountable.

That’s it.

Mike Waywell