Sleep Better In 5 Simple Steps

Here's a simple strategy for improving your sleep...

1. The first thing to do is to avoid using your phone or laptop within an hour or so before going to bed

Exposure to the light given off by these electronics prevents your brain from releasing the hormone that tells your body it’s time to sleep, so stop scrolling.

2. Make sure that your room is as dark as possible

Blackout blinds or sleeping masks are useful tools for this

3. Read for 30 minutes, write down 3 things that you’re thankful for and write down your plan for tomorrow

All of these tasks increase positive thoughts, help you to relax and reduces stress & anxiety levels.

This makes getting to sleep easier.

It’s hard to feel stressed, angry, fearful or anxious when you’ve just cleared your mind by writing down your tasks for tomorrow, you’ve listed three things that you feel happy and grateful about and you’ve read an awesome book or article.

4. If you’re really struggling take some ZMA

ZMA is a supplement made up of zinc and magnesium that has been proven to help improve sleep. Give it a try if you’re still struggling after putting step one, two and three into action consistently.

5. Check out an app called Pzizz

If you ever have trouble getting to sleep then Pzizz is perfect for you. 

It provides human composed, algorithmically remixed sounds to optimise getting you to sleep, keeping you asleep, and waking you up feeling refreshed.

Essentially it’s an ever-changing piece of audio that is scientifically proven to help you sleep. When you hit play it’ll sound like a weird mish-mash of natural sounds, music, long pauses and soothing speech but it’s been carefully composed to help dramatically improve your sleep and it certainly does the trick.

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Mike Waywell