The Universe Isn't Conspiring Against You

We all know someone who always seems to be in the middle of a disaster.

It’s weird because it seems like they’re so unlucky, you almost can’t believe all the stuff that happens to them.

Their life seems to be one piece of bad fortune after another.

Whenever they try to do something there are hundreds of obstacles in the way or at least that’s the way it seems.

So I was thinking about this and here’s what I reckon is actually going on...

It’s not that these people are unlucky.

It’s not that they’re hard done to.

It’s not that the world is conspiring against them at every possible turn.

It’s very often that they simply fail to take control when things go slightly off track.

Here’s what I mean...

Someone who is unlucky and lives a ‘woe is me’ life just lets things happen to them. They sit there, on the receiving end of every situation and they feel like they’re being picked on by the world - like everyone and everything is out to get them.

Now we all know that that’s not true.

In fact, most of the time they have the same types of problems and issues that everyone else but they instead of dealing with them head on they submit and roll over whilst announcing their disaster to the world in a Facebook status.

“U ok hun?”

”I’ll inbox you babe”

I bet you know at least one of these people.

They get a bit busy at work but instead of re-shuffling their life so they can still look after their body they just become “too busy to go the gym, life’s too hard” and they gain a tonne of weight again (which is very bad for your health in case you didn’t know).

They have a minor spat at home with their partner and now their work performance goes down the toilet for weeks “I can’t concentrate anymore”.

Their train gets cancelled but instead of figuring out a way continue their journey they have a meltdown and spend 30 minutes writing a bad Facebook review for Virgin (‘cos obviously, that helps).

It’s ALWAYS one thing after another.

There’s always an excuse.

There’s always a reason.

There’s always something going wrong.

And it’s always directed at them.

Try this…

Shit happens.

Stuff goes wrong.

Work gets busy.

People fuck up.

Things don’t go to plan.

Trains and planes get cancelled.

You can’t spend your life sitting there and being like “why does this always happens to me”

That achieves nothing, plus it didn’t happen to you - it just happened, and whether you like it or not now you have two choices.

Let every stumbling block become this massive event that negatively effects your life OR you can deal with it, work through it and keep moving forward because either way the ‘thing’ has still happened - you can’t change that - but you CAN change your reaction to it.

You can choose how you deal with it and people who succeed in any area of life choose the second option more often than they don’t.

Yeah maybe they have a momentary sulk and a bit of a whinge.

Maybe sometimes something really knocks them for six.

But ultimately they deal with stuff.

They make shit happen regardless of what obstacles come their way.

So my challenge to you is to always find a way because there always is one, especially when it comes to your health and fitness.

Can’t afford a gym or PT?

Go do stuff in one of the many, many beautiful parks we have in Liverpool.

Run up hills.

Do press ups.

Carry stuff.

Do pull ups on a tree.

Climb over walls.

Get a medicine ball and throw it around.

Just use your body.

Don’t have time?

I bet that most days you’re not doing much between 8pm and 11pm at night - go train then - or get up an hour earlier and train before work.

You might not want to but that absolutely does NOT mean that you can’t.

Healthy eating is too expensive?

Absolute nonsense.






Chicken from the butchers.



They’re all cheap, especially if you buy in bulk.

There is always a way so don’t be one of those people who falls flat on their face whenever some stick their leg out to trip you, jump over it and keep moving forwards or at very least kick them in the shins until you find a way to get past.

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Mike Waywell