Dealing With Unsupportive Comments

There’s always at least one person who’s a bit of an idiot when you try to make some positive changes in your life.

Like when you start going the gym after work and Sally from finance is telling you that you don’t need to go the gym “you look fine as you are”

Yeah nice one Sally, appreciate the compliment, but I want to look (and feel) better so why don’t you mind your own business.

Or when the biscuit tin is going around the office and you decline then everyone says…

“You’re boring”

“Just live a little”

On what planet, does not eating a biscuit make you boring?

And if eating a biscuit is a life highlight then you have some real problems.

What you have to remember with these people is that they’re often saying that stuff because you getting your shit together is making them feel bad about NOT doing it.

But that’s not actually your fault.

Or your problem.

It’s theirs.

So don’t worry about it.

I find that when this happens you have two main options.

You can be polite, explain why you’ve chosen to make these changes and how you’d appreciate their support then keep doing what you’re doing.

Or you can tell them to f-off then keep doing what you’re doing (at no point should you ever let their shitty attitude affect how you go about your life).

Now whilst the second one might be more satisfying in the moment, the first option is undoubtedly more helpful but either way, what normally happens is - when the changes to how you look etc. become obvious the negative comments turn into questions...

“So tell me about that gym you’re going to...”

“What’s this food tracking thing all about then...”

Now depending on your earlier reaction you can either be dead helpful and get them on the same path (advised in most cases – be a good human) or you can tell them to f-off again.

‘Tis up to you really.

But one thing is for sure...

Whatever you do, don’t let other people’s comments (that often come from a place of insecurity on their part) make you feel shit about making positive changes in YOUR life because in a few months when you're feeling the best you have for years, they'll probably still be face planting the biscuit tin on Cake Fridays.

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Mike Waywell