3 Reasons Why You Should Weigh Your Food

Here’s a practical tip that can make tracking your food a little more accurate – meaning you’re more likely to hit your goals…

Weigh your food.

You don’t need to weigh everything – I’m not expecting you to take a set of scales with you into a restaurant but when it’s convenient, like whenever you’re at home – do it.

This serves three main purposes:

1. Accuracy

Obviously if you precisely weigh things then your tracking will be more accurate.

Like I said you don’t have to weigh everything that you eat but if you weigh maybe 30-40% of your meals over the course of the week when it’s really convenient then guess what?

You’re going to be that little bit more accurate and more accuracy equals better results.

2. You start learn about food

If you start weighing stuff you get a better idea of what amount of calories and macros are in different foods.

How much protein is in a steak.

How many calories in a donut.

This makes planning what to eat a lot easier.

This also means that you actually learn stuff – stuff you can use for the rest of your life, you didn’t just follow a generic ‘meal plan’ for a few weeks then go back to eating like shit once the ‘diet’ is over.

3. You get better a guess-timating

Now you know what 150g of chicken looks like, so when you go to Nandos you can estimate by eye with a reasonable level of accuracy which links back to number 1 – accuracy.

And more accuracy equals better results.

Tracking is actually pretty straightforward when you think about it.

Eat food that is easy to weigh, track or guess-timate.

Put in the MyFitnessPal app.

Check how many calories, protein etc. you’ve eaten so far.

Eat some more food.

Choose foods that’ll help you hit your targets – if you’re down on protein for the day eat food with protein in and repeat until you’ve hit your daily targets.

Then do that every day.

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Mike Waywell