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I opened Steel Habitat mainly because I loved coaching people in the gym and I hated working for someone else but also because I saw how lots of other gyms and personal trainers operated and I knew it could be done much, much better.

Not only better, more enjoyable and more effective for the members, but also better for the coaches in an industry where long, low-paid, unenjoyable working hours are the norm.

For the first year or so that SH was around I had no real idea what I was doing from a business standpoint, I just knew that if I could keep getting the word out there, we could keep growing and gradually have a bigger impact and with consistent hard work we’ve managed to keep doing exactly that.

4 years, three expansions and well over 1000 members later and we’re still making good progress.

Of course that’s with much thanks to past and present members who’ve trusted and supported us on our journey, just as we’ve done for them to the best of our ability.

Now I’m looking forward to the next stage of our growth as we aspire to have an even greater impact on the people of Liverpool.

We want to become the most recognised and most influential gym in the city, firmly stamping how we do things so everyone can learn how to get in the best shape of their lives without having to become a chicken and broccoli eating social recluse who does incline treadmill walking ‘til they die of boredom.

The next step in our plan to do this is to open a second facility in Liverpool City Centre – this part of the plan is already in motion…

We’ve signed the lease for a new property on Upper Parliament Street.

So we’re taking this unit and turning it into our second gym in Liverpool – a gym that’ll look, feel and function just like our main base in Seaforth but much like our current home, our new location won’t just be “a gym”.

Steel Habitat isn’t just about sets and reps and it’s not just about losing body fat and getting stronger.

One of our members – Jade – recently said that…

“Fitness feels like a very little part of what Steel does – though they hands down do it better than anywhere else.

They give so much more than a chance to get fit.

Steel has changed my mindset and increased my confidence and have given me a sense of commitment to myself that I have never had before.

The gym has encouraged me to speak to people more, get involved in a new community and try new things.

At Steel, they don’t just coach, they socialise and have us eating pizza and drinking gin like we should be able to.

They address every single one of us by name and know about our lives and our goals.

Steel have made me love what I see in the mirror but more than that have made me appreciate myself and what I can do beyond anything I’d expected.”

…and I think that perfectly encapsulates what SH is all about.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, what shape you’re in right now or really what your goals are – everyone at SH is connected by a desire and willingness to work on becoming better both physically and mentally.

We’re simply working to curate a community and provide an experience and environment that facilitates that from as many angles as possible.

If that sounds like something you’d like to be part of then we’d love for you to join us.

– Mike