Imagine if all your employees were more productive, performed better, took less sick days and were more engaged. That’d be great, right?

They’re the proven benefits of having a healthy workforce.

Think about it. Your team have a huge role to play in the performance of your business so you want them to be firing on all cylinders rather than feeling sluggish, drained, tired and out of shape.

That’s were the Steel Habitat Corporate Membership comes in.

Together we make sure your staff are not only fitter and healthier but come to work energised, inspired and ready to make an impact.


In 2013 we started in an industrial unit the size of a two car garage, we didn’t even have a front door – just a big roller shutter. It was time to show Liverpool that fitness doesn’t have to mean dying of boredom on the cross-trainer.

Four years later and we’ve expanded three times, quadrupling in size, surpassing the 1000 member mark (and opening a second facility).

We’re light years ahead of any other gym in Liverpool” in the way we do things. Training at Steel is a unique experience that delivers impressive results – results that can have a major positive effect on the performance of your business.


Everyone knows that a healthy employee performs better, is more productive and gets sick less – it’s been proven time and time again.

Taking out a Steel Habitat Corporate Membership will result in exactly that from your team: increased performance, a jump in productivity and less absenteeism (around 27% less in fact).

But not only that – the sense of achievement, enjoyment and stress relief that they’ll experience from training hard and reaching new goals is certain to leave them feeling and happy and inspired – great for morale.


So what is Steel Habitat?

We’re not a normal gym. You won’t find any machines, treadmills, jacuzzis or steam rooms here.

Instead we’re equipped with everything that we actually need whip your team into shape (not literally of course) – free weights, barbells, tyres, kettlebells and other fun stuff that’ll have your team sweating, laughing, improving their health and benefitting your business in the process.

Our no-nonsense yet extremely caring coaches are on hand to guide your team through a training and nutrition program that is customised to their needs. There’s a choice of two training facilities and over 60 coaching sessions each week.

And of course everything we do is soundtracked by nightclub inspired house music.


We have two facilities…

One in Seaforth – about a 10 minute drive north of the city centre.

And one right the city centre – just off Upper Parliament Street.


Alright, you get it. Healthy employees equal a better business. So how do you pay for it?

There are two easy options to take care of your team at our exclusive corporate rate:

Annual, Quarterly or Monthly Company Invoice


Monthly Recurring Card Payment

Our admin team will get this setup up, then all you have to do is allocate the memberships to your team and we’re good to go. Of course, memberships are transferable if a staff member leaves and you can upgrade to more memberships on at any time.


If you’d like to discuss how we can have a positive impact on the health of your team so they can have the same impact on the performance of your business then get in touch today.

Email Callum on