Your favourite Instagram ‘Fitspo’ almost certainly isn’t as happy and perfect as they would have you believe and regardless of how many cheat meal photos they post, they definitely didn’t get in shape by having Dominoes ‘Two For Tuesdays’ every week. I know this first-hand. I’ve seen the “other side” on numerous occasions . . . it isn’t pretty.

Most of the time the person you’re comparing yourself to is masking excessive training, harsh dieting, a bad relationship with and some degree of self-loathing or unhappiness behind multiple filters, 100s of selfies and blasé quotes about “living life to the full”.

It’s irresponsible but obviously it’s Instagram so it can’t really be regulated.

That being said . . . you can make the decision not to follow these people.

I mean why endure the mental torture of comparing yourself to someone else FAKE perfection.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being inspired and following inspiring people who deliver a good message.

But 95% of the time that isn’t what’s happening and it damages how you feel about yourself.

So this week on the Steel Shredded podcast we talk about why you should stop comparing yourself to people on social media, how you can increase your feelings of self-worth and why that’s important.