Think about a Krispy Kreme Chocolate Iced Donut with Sprinkles.

This donut contains…

250 calories
3g protein
36g carbohydrates
11g fat

Probably shouldn’t eat that if you’re trying to lose fat, right?

I mean it’s not paleo, it certainly isn’t gluten free and it’s a fucking donut!

So, you might be surprised to learn that I could eat one of these every day and still lose fat (and so could you – I’m not saying that you should by the way).

To explain, let me present you with my nutrition targets for fat loss.

This is the amount of calories and macronutrients I’m aiming to eat every day so that I gradually lose body fat…

2450 calories
205g protein
205g carbohydrates
90g fat

Now you should be able to see how that donut would fit in there fairly easily – it’s actually only about 10% of my daily calorie target.

That donut alone will never make me fat (or stop me from losing fat) as long as I don’t go over my nutrition targets each day.

‘Cos when it comes to losing body fat, it doesn’t matter what “diet” you’re following there is one overarching factor that decides whether or not you’re successful, and that factor is…

Being in a calorie deficit.

If you’re consistently taking in less energy than your body uses you will lose weight and if you’re not, then you won’t.

It’s the laws of physics.

And unless you suffer from a disease called ROHHAD (one of the rarest diseases on the planet that only about 75 people in the world have) then I’d bet that physics will work for you just fine.

This is exactly why we want you to track your food intake daily and make sure you’re consistently in a calorie deficit.

That’s why you can eat donuts and still lose fat – just track them, make them fit and move on.

And that’s also why we’re advocates of a flexible approach to “dieting” at Steel Habitat.

You don’t have to completely avoid the foods you love in order to lose fat.

It’s straightforward…

90% of the time eat good quality foods, 10% of the time you can eat whatever you want as long as 100% of the time you track your food and make sure you’re in a calorie deficit.

That’s how you can lose fat without stressing over meals out or trips to the cinema – just track what you eat and hit your targets.

All foods are just made up of a combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates – even “bad” foods . . . which means if you can fit them into your nutrition targets you can get pretty much the same results as if you ate chicken, rice and broccoli for every meal except this way you’ll have more fun and get to enjoy food a bit more.

Now of course I’m not saying you should just eat donuts all the time – common sense would tell you that, and neither am I saying that the only way to enjoy food is to eat junk.

You should definitely make sure that good quality, whole foods dominate your daily food intake – we need the micronutrients and better quality nutrition gives us more energy, satisfies hunger better, improves health etc. etc.

But to say that the only way to lose fat is to “eat clean” or follow some fad diet is totally wrong.

It’s 100% possible to lose fat whilst having some flexibility and enjoying some of the not-so-great-foods that you love, just follow this process…

– Work out roughly how many calories you need to eat to lose fat (body weight in pounds x 12 is a good starting point for your calorie target – then get about a third of your calories from each macronutrient)

– 90% of the time eat good quality food, 10% of the time you can be flexible and eat what you want as long as…

– You track what you eat using an app like MyFitnessPal and consistently hit your calorie deficit targets

That’s successful fat loss nutrition in a nutshell.

Simple, non-restrictive, flexible and effective.