If you want to lose body fat you’ve got to make sure you’re in a calorie deficit – that’s a fact.
And while getting your energy balance is REALLY important (like really, really important) there are a few other things that can play a part in the success of your daily nutrition
Satiety, or feeling satisfied after meals, is something that people often overlook when it can actually make or break your results
Let me ask you a question…
Have you ever been eating to lose body fat but found yourself consistently feeling hungry and grumpy?
If the answer is yes then it’s safe to say that you weren’t dealing with your satiety very well (and you were making life a lot harder than it needed to be)
Those feelings of hunger can often cause you to fail on your ‘diet’, leaving you frustrated and lacking results
But here’s the thing;
Losing body fat doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself, battle with hunger and eat fucking tiny portions of food.
The common problem 👇
You want to lose body fat but always feel hungry whilst ‘dieting’
This problem is fairly easily solved by making a few nutrition ‘swaps’ to include more nutrient sparse foods into your day
When I say ‘nutrient sparse’ what I mean is eating more foods that have a low number of nutrients and calories per mouthful
These foods allow your appetite to be satisfied by eating a larger quantity than perhaps you normally would whilst still sticking to your nutrition targets – perfect for reducing body fat
Here are some simple examples of how you can eat MORE food without increasing your daily calorie intake
👉 1 x Beef Burger (114g of food) or 2.5 x Turkey Burgers (285g of food)
Both equal around 310 calories but the turkey burgers provide you with two and half times the amount of food (285 grams) that the single beef burger (114 grams) does.
Preferences aside, when eating for fat loss 285g of turkey is going leave you feeling more satisfied, less hungry and make your daily nutrition more sustainable than eating a lonely 114g beef burger.
👉 125g White Rice or 200g Sweet Potato
Both about 200 calories and 40 grams of carbs but if you eat the sweet potato you have 60% more food on your plate.
👉 2 Carb Killa Bars (120g of food) or 3 Eggs, 1/2 Avocado, 1 Apple & 100g Grapes (460g of food)
Yes, we all know that Carb Killa bars taste awesome but for satisfying your appetite and sticking to your nutrition targets they might not be the best choice.
Both of the options above give you 430 calories but the eggs, avocado, apple and grapes option allows you to eat a FOUR TIMES the quantity of food.
Which do you think will keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer?
Always remember…
Sustainable is the name of the game when it comes to nutrition especially when it comes to fat loss
This means that dietary habits you can keep up for life are the key, not only for fat loss success, but also for improved health and performance
So as well as making sure you’re in calories deficit make sure you start paying attention to things like satiety and you’ll soon find that you require less discipline and anguish to get the same or better results.