Right now at Steel Habitat we have more people wanting to join our gym than we actually have room for.

Our capacity is 200 Team Steel members – I wish we could fit more in but at moment that’s the maximum amount of people we can fit in our community and deliver an exceptional service to.

Now the truth is we could squeeze in about 290 maybe even 300 people if we really pushed it but we don’t want to do that.

We want the gym to be busy for sure – it brings a great atmosphere and makes a successful business so we can keep operating and doing what we do.

But we want it to be comfortably busy so that the service we deliver never ends up suffering and so that our members always get the attention, coaching and support they need and deserve.

We’re not into overselling memberships and hoping that people don’t show up like some of the big commercial gyms do. This means we’ve had to put a waiting list in place for people who are interested in joining the Team.

The reason we exist is to show our members how to change their health/body/life for the better and have fun in the process (that’s what we live for).

That happens by us delivering the best possible service we can and aiming to improve all the time – cramming in more people than we can handle could end up being detrimental to that goal.

So for the foreseeable future membership at our gym is closed.

If someone leaves we’ll open the door for one new person but if no one leaves we won’t sign up anyone new.

So if you’ve been thinking about joining Steel Habitat you’ll have to join the waiting list until a place becomes available.

The wait isn’t too long though – we usually have 4-5 places become available each month.

Join the waiting list by clicking the image below and entering your details.